Lip Balm

I could not stand the commercial lip balms so I searched for a way to make my own and I love to share it with you!

FYI they make for an awesome Christmas Present!


  • 1oz Beeswax (I get mine here)
    • or white one (I get mine here)
  • 1oz coconut oil (I get mine at Aldi for $3.99)
  • 1oz Mango Butter (I get mine here)
  • 20 drops of Purification Essential Oil (I got mine in a premium starter kit with free Diffuser)
  • 10 drops of Lemon (I got mine in a premium starter kit with free Diffuser)
  • Lip Balm Containers (I get mine here)
Note: This recipe makes 3 ounces of lip balm so make sure you have enough containers. This recipe will make 20 lip balm tubes.
You can always reduce the batch size by cutting the recipe in half.
  1. Line up empty containers (if you are using a lip balm stick, make sure it has been twisted down)
  2. Measure butters and oils and place in glass jar.
  3. Fill a large saucepan with 1-1.5 inches of water and bring to a boil.
  4. Once boiling, add glass jar to center of saucepan.
  5. Stir every few minutes until ingredients are melted and combined.
  6. Once wax is melted, remove from heat and let sit 3 minutes then add essential oils.
  7. Pour mixture into lip balm containers and let cool.
  8. If you would like to make tinted lip balm, move to the next two steps.
  9. Add a pinch of colored mineral makeup until you get your desired color. Stir until combined.
  10. Pour tinted lip balm into containers and let cool.

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